60th Midyear Proceedings

A Case Study on the Planning, Formulating and Offering of a Computer Graphics Curriculum Abroad
D. C. Acheson and M.W. Bannatyne

Computer Aided Manufacturing with Computer Aided Design: Some Lessons Learned
Doug Baxter

Strategies for Bridging Learning Styles
J. A. Birchman & M. A. Sadowski

Teaching Computer Graphics in the Online Environment
Bruce W. Jones

The Role of Engineering Design Graphics has in K-12 Outreach
Aaron C. Clark & Alice Y. Scales

Providing Access to Technology Degrees: The Strategic Use and Evaluation of Distance Learning Technologies
Susan Emens

Orbiter/External Tank Mate Simulation
Dr. G. S. Godfrey, D. P. O’Keefe, D. B. Wittenborn, C. E. Groves and F. J. Kapr

Implementing a PDM Installation and Migrating Data in a PLM Environment
N.W. Hartman & C.L. Miller

Peer Evaluation within a Team Design Project
David Kelley, Ph.D. & Mary Sadowski, Ph.D.

Utilizing Rapid Prototyping for Architectural Modeling
E. F. Kirton, AIA & S. D. Lavoie

Extending the Concurrent Engineering Design Graphics Paradigm to 3-D Printing
Thomas J. Krueger & Ronald E. Barr

Presenting Empirical Data
La Verne Abe Harris, Ph.D.

Capstone Design Class in Animation
M. Fitzgerald

Improving Visualization Abilities in Minority Engineering and Technology Students: Preliminary Results

N. E. Study

Comprehension Scaffolding for Multimedia: Structuring Technical Animations for Learning
Catherine Newman & D. K. Lieu

Engineering Graphics in a Project Based Curriculum
J. M. Otey and M.M. Whiteacre

Established Industry Partnered Engineering Case Studies to Enhance Engineering Graphics Education 
R.. Balamuralikrishna, P.K. Raju and C.S. Sankar

Managing Construction Operations Visually: 3-D Techniques for Complex Topography and Restricted-Visibility
Walter Rodríguez, Ph.D., P.E., Augusto Opdenbosh, Ph.D. & Juan Carlos Santamaria, Ph.D.

The Effectiveness of Head-Mounted Displays and Anaglyphic Glasses in Engineering Graphics Education
Chunxia Pan & Shana S.Smith

Collaborative Design across the United States
Thomas M. Singer, Scot Rabe and Steve Brown

Developing 3-D Spatial Skills for K-12 Students
Lisa Parolini, Sheryl Sorby and Kedmon Hungwe

Online Learning in Engineering Graphics Courses: What are some of the Big Issues?
Richard A. Totten & Theodore J. Branoff