The Distinguished Service Award Awardees

The Division of Engineering Design Graphics of the American Society for Engineering Education presents its highest honor, The Distinguished Service Award to:

2019 Holly Keyes Ault, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Acceptance Speech)
2018 Nancy E. Study, Penn State Erie, the Behrend College (Acceptance Speech)
2017 Aaron C. Clark, North Carolina State University (Acceptance Speech)
2016 Robert A. Chin, East Carolina University (Acceptance Speech)
2015 Dennis Lieu, Univeristy of California at Berkeley (Acceptance Speech)
2014 Theodore J. Branoff , North Carolina State University (Acceptance Speech)
2013 Kathryn Holliday-Darr, Penn State Behrend (Acceptance Speech)
2012 Judith A. Birchman, Purdue University (Acceptance Speech)
2011 Michael D. Stewart, Georgia Institute of Technology (Acceptance Speech)
2010 Ronald C. Pare, University of Houston (CoT) (Acceptance Speech)
2009 William A. Ross, Purdue University
2008 Tim Sexton, Ohio University
2007 Sheryl Sorby, Michigan Technological University
2006 Fritz Meyer, The Ohio State University
2005 Mary Sadowski, Purdue University
2004 Jon M. Duff, Arizona State University
2003 Edward Galbraith, Cal Poly Pomona
2002 John Demel, The Ohio State University
2001 Jack Brown, University of Alabama
2000 Barry Crittenden, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
1999 Ronald Barr, University of Texas at Austin
1998 Merwin Weed, Pennsylvania State University
1997 Frank M. Croft, The Ohio State University
1996 Roland D. Jenison, Iowa State University
1995 Arvid R. Eide, Iowa State University
1994 Garland K. Hilliard, North Carolina State University
1993 Mary A. Jasper, Mississippi State University
1992 Larry D. Goss, Southern Indiana University
1991 Robert J. Foster, Pennsylvania State University
1990 Clyde H. Kearns, The Ohio State University
1989 Frank Oppenheimer, Gramercy Guild Group
1988 Paul S. DeJong, Iowa State University
1987 Clarence E. Hall, Louisiana State University
1986 Claude Z. Westfall, University of Maine
1985 Klaus E. Kroner, University of Massachusetts
1984 Amogene F. DeVaney, Amarillo College
1983 Steve M. Slaby, Princeton University
1982 James H. Earle, Texas A & M University
1981 Robert D. LaRue, The Ohio State University
1980 Mary Plumb Blade, The Cooper Union
1979 William B. Rogers, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
1978 C. Gordon Sanders, Iowa State University
1977 Percy H. Hill, Tufts University
1976 Eugene G. Pare, Washington State University
1975 Robert H. Hammond, North Carolina State University
1974 Irwin L. Wladaver, New York University
1973 Edward W. Jacunski, University of Florida
1972 Paul M. Reinhart, University of Detroit (Posthumous award)
1971 Matthew McNeary, University of Maine
1970 J. Howard Porsch, Purdue University
1969 Edward M. Griswold, The Cooper Union
1968 B. Leighton Wellman, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1967 Ivan L. Hill, Illinois Institute
1966 James S. Rising, Iowa State University
1965 Ralph T. Northrup, Wayne State University
1964 Warren J. Luzadder, Purdue University
1963 Theodore T. Aakhus, University of Nebraska
1962 Jasper Gerardi, University of Detroit
1961 William E. Street, Texas A & M University
1960 Clifford H. Springer, University of Illinois
1959 Charles E. Rowe, University of Texas
1958 Henry Cecil Spencer, Illinois Institute of Technology
1957 Frank A. Heacock, Princeton University
1956 Ralph S. Paffenbarger, The Ohio State University
1955 Justus Rising, Purdue University
1954 Randolph P. Hoelscher, University of Illinois
1953 Carl Lars Svensen, Director of the Texas Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
1952 George J. Hood, University of Kansas, Author of The Geometry of Engineering Drawing
1951 Frederick E. Giesecke, Texas A & M University, Co-author of Technical Drawing,
with Alva Mitchell and Henry Cecil Spencer
1950 Frederick G. Higbee, University of Iowa