73rd Midyear Meeting Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

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73rd Midyear Meeting Proceedings
January 6-8, 2019
Berkeley, CA
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Spatial Visualization

Gender Differences in Spatial Visualization Among Rural and Urban Populations
Grace C. Panther and Sheryl A. Sorby

Material Dissemination of the Biewald Orthographic Visualization Battery
Daniel P. Kelly, Nolan Fahrer, Kevin Sutton, and Aaron Clark

Student Design Projects to Improve Spatial Visualization Ability
Sara McMains and Sara Shonkwiler

Use of Decision-Tree Approach for Identification of Dominant Predictive
Factors in Standardized Visualization Testing

Jorge Rodriguez and Luis G. Rodriguez-Velazquez

A Comparative Analysis of Gender and the Impact of Mathematics
Achievement on Spatial Visualization Ability in Engineering
Technology Students

Mildred V. Jones & Petros Katsioloudis

Computer Graphics

Using Solid Models to Visualize Concepts in Engineering Mechanics
Holly K. Ault

Datum Reference Frame Applications in a Senior-Level, Engineering
Technology Capstone Course

Kevin L. Devine and Theodore J. Branoff

Underrepresented and International Student Success and Confidence
in a Small, Lab-based CAD Class

Hannah Budinoff and Sara McMains

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Mediums:
Comparative Analysis

Daniel Cubillos and Magesh Chandramouli

Instructional Technology

The Necessity and Results of Autonomous Integrity Evaluation of CAD Files
Jeff Morris

Systematic Analysis of Graphics-Based Hardware and Software
for Virtual Reality Instructional Framework

Magesh Chandramouli, Ge Jin, Daniel Cubillos, and Justin Heffron

A Review of File Comparison Utilities for Assessing Student Work
Steven J. Kirstukas and Jeff Morris

Modeling Cognitive Activities in a Virtual Reality- assisted Industrial Robot
Programming Environment

Yi-hsiang Chang and Kevin L. Devine

Pedagogical and Curricular Research

Coloring Inside the Lines: A Learning Strategy Using Coloring to Help
Students Understand Orthographic Projections

Sara McMains and Hannah Budinof

Instilling an Entrepreneurial Mindset in a New Generation of
First-Year Engineering Students Through a Graphics Course Project

L. Sun and L. L. Long III

Does the Glass Box Visualization Method Increase Student Learning Outcomes?
Christopher Schroder and Rustin Webster

A Cornerstone Course for Engineering Education: The Engineering
Design Graphics Collaboratory

Ronald E. Barr

Curricular Maintenance: Responding to Partners and Higher Authorities
Robert A. Chin

Distribution of the Engineering Graphics Concept Inventory
Steven Nozaki, Nancy Study, Daniel P. Kelly, Heidi Steinhauer, Kaloki Nabutola, Sheryl Sorby

Investigating Performance Assessment Practices in Post- Secondary
Fundamental Technical Graphics Courses

K. G. Sutton, A. C. Clark, C. D. Denson, and N. E. Fahrer

Learning Modules: Iterating the Flipped Classroom
Jennifer McInnis, Anat Eshed, Bo Kim, and Yan Xiang