67th Midyear Meeting Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

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67th Midyear Meeting Proceedings
November 18-20, 2012
Limerick, Ireland

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I2 – Innovations and Ideas Presentations

Media Enhancements for a Pilot Tablet-Based Engineering Design Graphics Textbook
D.R. Talancon and D.K. Lieu, University of California

Graphic-analytical method construction manifolds (surfaces) in the space En
V. Volkov and O. Ilyasova, Sib ADI, Russia

Publishing in the Engineering Design Graphics Journal for International Authors
R.A. Chin, C. Kusbit Dunn, East Carolina University, AJ Hamlin, Michigan Technological University and N.E. Study, Penn State Erie

Expertise of the EDGJ Review Board: Implications for the Future of the EDGD and EDGJ
R.A. Chin, C. Kusbit Dunn, East Carolina University, AJ Hamlin, Michigan Technological University and N.E. Study, Penn State Erie

Examining Neuronal Function during the Completion of Established Graphical Tasks
T. Delahunty, N. Seery and R. Lynch, University of Limerick

Impact of Binocular Vision on the Perception of Geometric Shapes in Spatial Ability Testing
G. Takahashi and P. Connolly, Purdue University

Researching graphicacy and modeling
N. Seery, University of Limerick and E.W. Norman, Loughborough Design School, United Kingdom

Paper Presentations – Session 1

A Comparative Analysis of Fish Tank Virtual Reality to Stereoscopic 3D Imagery
E. Wright, P. E. Connolly, M. Sackley, J. McCollom, S. Malek, K. Fan, Purdue University

Communicating through Portals
J. Spillane, Technology Education Research Group, N. Seery and D.Canty, University of Ireland

Classroom Inquiry and Graphics Technology Skills for K-12 STEM Physical Science Educators
J. L. Irwin, Michigan Technological University

Promoting best practice design intent in 3D CAD Modelling: Feedback as a constructivist paradigm of teaching and learning
K. Leahy, University of Limerick

Developing Active Learning Strategies for Online and Emergent Collaborative Technology Based Teaching: A Preliminary Report
A.Y. Scales, T. E. Varnado, J. K. Buelin-Biesecker, North Carolina State University

Paper Presentations – Session 2

Impact of Visualization Training on Student Leaving
S. A. Sorby, Ohio State University and N. Veurink, Michigan Technological University

Promoting the Visualizing Instinct through Freehand Sketching within Initial Technology Teacher Education
D. Lane, N. Seery and S. Gordon, University of Limerick

Groundwork: Structures and Drawing in Education and the Design Process
M. Dunn, SAUL, Ireland

Drawing + Representation; Freehand Drawing for Students of Architecture and Engineering
Declan Feeney, University of Limerick

Paper Presentations – Session 3

Developing an Interactive Spatial Visualization Gaming Instrument (SVGI) for Exploring Assessment Retention and Scoring Improvements Utilizing the Purdue Spatial Visualization Test of Rotations
C. N. Blue, University of Southern Maine

A Learner Profile Thematic Review of Introductory Engineering Design Graphics Students
A.C. Clark, North Carolina State University and J.V. Ernst, Virginia Tech

Importance of Spatial Training for Pre-Calculus Students
A.J. Hamlin, N. L. Veurink, Michigan Technological University and S.A. Sorby, Ohio State University

Supporting Student Development in Graphical Education through Holistic Judgment
D. Canty and N.Seery, University of Limerick

Plenary Panel Presentations – Session 1

Engineering Graphics Educational Outcomes for the Global Engineer: An Update
R. E. Barr, University of Texas at Austin

Curriculum Planning for the Development of Graphicacy
X. Danos, University of Cyprus and E.W. Norman, Loughborough Design School, United Kingdom

Engineering Graphics Courses in the Light of the National Qualifications Framework
R. A. Górska, CUT, Poland

Plenary Panel Presentations – Session 2

Use of Technology Solutions to Improve CAD Instruction
H.K. Ault, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and A. Fraser, PTC

Using the continuum of design modeling techniques to aid the development of CAD modeling skills in first year Industrial Design students
I.J. Storer and R.I. Campbell, Loughborough Design School, United Kingdom

Plenary Panel Presentations – Session 3

The Relationship between Spatial Visualization Ability and Students’ Ability to Model 3D Objects from Engineering Assembly Drawings
T. J. Branoff, North Carolina State University and M. Dobelis, Riga Technical University

Correlation between a Student’s Performance on the Mental Cutting Test and Their 3D Parametric Modeling Ability
H. M. Steinhauer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Comparison of Spatial Skills of Students Entering Different Engineering Majors
N. Veurink, Michigan Technological University and S. A. Sorby, Ohio State University