The Editor’s Award Awardees

Given By: Yearly by the current EDGD Director of Publications

The Editor’s Award Winners:

2020 Daniel Kelly, Jeremy Ernst, and Aaron Clark for
the article “Active Learning in Engineering Graphics: An Analysis of Self-Efficacy
for At-Risk and Not At-Risk Students.”

2017 Diana Bairaktarova
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


2016 Magesh Chandramouli
Siva Teja Chittamuru
Purdue University Northwest


2015 Jeremy Ernst
Virginia Tech

Diarmaid Lane
University of Limerick, Ireland

Aaron C. Clark
North Carolina State University


2014 Petros J. Katsioloudis and Vukica Jovanovic
Old Dominion University


2013 Megan Flanders and Richard C. Kavanagh
University College Cork


2012 Theodore J. Branoff
North Carolina State University

Modris Dobelis
Riga Technical University


2011 Andrew C. Kellie
Murray State University


2010 Holy K. Ault
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Samuel John
Polytechnic of Namibia


2009 Norma. L. Veurink, Amy J. Hamlin, Jean-Celeste M. Kampe, Sheryl A. Sorby
Michigan Technical University

Dawn G. Blasko, Kathy A. Holliday-Darr, Jennifer D. Trich Kremer
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

La Verne Abe Harris, Patrick E. Connolly, Mary A. Sadowski
Purdue University

Kara S. Harris
Indiana State University

Chris P. Brus, Linda N. Boyle
University of Iowa

Nancy E. Study
Virginia State University

Tamara W. Knott
Virginia Tech


2008 Kevin L. Devine
Illinois State University


2007 Jianping Yue
Essex County College


2006 Sheryl Sorby
Michigan Tech University


2005 Shana Smith
Iowa State University


2004 Eric Wiebe, Ted Branoff, and Nate Hartman
North Carolina State University


2003 Qiui Sun and Kurt Gramoll
University of Oklahoma