The Editor’s Award

Given By: Yearly by the current EDGD Director of Publications
Complete List of Awardees


The Editor’s Award recognizes the outstanding paper published in the previous volume of The Engineering Design Graphics Journal.


  1. Papers may be authored by EDGD members or non-members.
  2. All papers published in the Autumn, Winter, and Spring issues of The Journal will be automatically entered into consideration.
  3. This award will be given annually.


The Editor will identify a minimum of three (3) reviewers from the current EDGD Board of Review to serve as a review panel. The Editor will prepare a document containing copies of the papers for each of the reviewers. The papers will be arranged by issue and by order they appeared in the issue. The reviewers will rank the papers on the following criteria:

  1. Graphic Illustrations/Figures-the manner in which illustrations, figures, photographs, or screen displays add to the understanding of the paper’s topic.
  2. Scholarship-the level of research, testing, validation, and inference involved in preparing the paper or its findings.
  3. Authorship-the craft of writing, illustrating, and elaborating the technical information contained in the paper.


The award will be a framed citation and a cash award.

The Editor will notify the awardee by mail no later than April 30th of the next volume year. Additionally, notice of the award will be published in the next Spring Issue of The Journal (next volume year) and announced at the following Annual Meeting.