74th Midyear Meeting Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

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74th Midyear Meeting Proceedings
November 17-19, 2019
Norfolk, VA 

Transforming a Rapid Prototyping Course to an Additive Manufacturing Course
Ranjeet Agarwala and Robert A. Chin

Specifying Inch Fits: Students’ Understanding of Size and Scale
Ted Branoff

Encouraging Peer-to-Peer Learning in Technical Graphics: A Strategy for Consideration
S. M. Chance

Can Virtual Reality Enhance User Performance and Experience by Reducing an Individual’s Cognitive Workload?
Yi-hsiang Isaac Chang, Kevin Devine, and Gunnar Klitzing

Certification Exam-Aided Assessment of Student Learning
Robert A. Chin and Ranjeet Agarwala

Active Learning and Engineering Student Retention
Jeremy V. Ernst, Aaron C. Clark, and Daniel P. Kelly

Lost in Translation – Diverse means of Design Communication
Monika Herrmann and David Richter‐O’Connell

Information Visualization Techniques of Beginning Designers: Patterns and Opportunities
Andrew Jackson

Effect of Demographics on Improvement of Visualization Skills for Incoming First Year Students
J. Rodriguez, D. Bairaktarova, and L. G. Rodriguez-Velazquez

Training the Active Duty Naval Workforce using the Digital Thread to Design/Redesign Basic Models with validation through Additive Manufacturing
Vukica M. Jovanovic, Anthony W. Dean, Karina Arcaute, Michel Audette, and Dipankar Ghosh

Developing a Centralized Process for Assessing Program Performance for Accreditation
Theresa Martin and Patrick E. Connolly

Use Gamification to Engage Gen Zers in Learning of Engineering Graphics
Lulu Sun

Characteristics of Secondary Engineering Design Graphics Educators: Three Waves of IES Data from 2007 to 2016
Thomas O. Williams, Jr. and Jeremy V. Ernst