71st Midyear Meeting Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

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71st Midyear Meeting Proceedings
October 16-18, 2016
Nashua, New Hampshire 
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An Examination of Three Assessment Models of the PVST:R
Aaron C. Clark, Daniel P. Kelly, Nolan E. Fahrer and Jeremy V. Ernst

A “New” Visualization Assessment for Engineering Graphics Courses
Daniel P. Kelly, Kevin G. Sutton and Aaron C. Clark

The Validity and Reliability of Online Testing for the Assessment of Spatial Ability
Jeffrey Buckley, Dr. Niall Seery and Dr. Donal Canty

Examining the Haptic Object Recognition Behaviors of Pre-Service Technology Teachers
Diarmaid Lane and Nancy E. Study



A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Mathematics Achievement on Spatial Visualization Ability in Engineering Technology Education
M. V. Jones & P. J. Katsioloudis

A Study of Visualization Skills at Two Major Universities in Taiwan
Y.C. Chang, H. Lee, S.C. Kang and D.K. Lieu

Development of Spatial Visualization Skills in 2D and 3D Offerings Measured via Different Tests
Jorge Rodriguez and Luis G. Rodriguez

Online Spatial Skills Instruction for Community College Students in Technical Education
Sheryl A. Sorby, Susan S. Metz and Tania Jarosewich

Curriculum Development for Visualization Capacity Building
Vetria L. Byrd, Tim McGraw, Yingjie Chen, and Patrick Connolly



Aptitude, Effort, and Achievement in an Introductory Engineering Design Graphics Class
Hannah Budinoff and Sara McMains

Students’ Perception of the Flipped Classroom in Graphical Communications
Lulu Sun

Web-based Tools for Engineering Graphics Education
Sog S. Suh

Comparison of a Computer-Based Grading Scheme to a Manual Rubric for Assessing Solid Models
Steven J. Kirstukas and Luz Amaya-Bower

A Clickstream Analytical Tool for Video Lectures
Yao-Yu Yang, Chia-Hsin Liu, Yi-Hsuan Lin and Shih-Chung Kang



Adopting a Means for Assessing an Engineering Graphics Body of Knowledge
Robert A. Chin

Using Concept Maps in the Development of a Concept Inventory for Engineering Graphics
S.Y. Nozaki, S.A. Sorby, H.M. Steinhauer, N.E. Study, M.A. Sadowski, R.L. Miller

The Potential Bifurcation of Static and Dynamic Spatial Cognitive Processes
Jeffrey Buckley and Dr. Niall Seery

The Validity and Reliability of Adaptive Comparative Judgements in the Assessment of Graphical Capability
Dr. Niall Seery, Jeffrey Buckley, Andrew Doyle and Dr. Donal Canty


A Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Course for Engineering Technology Students
Theodore J. Branoff and Kevin L. Devine

Concept of Re-Utilization in Engineering Design Projects with Commercial Catalogues
Jorge Rodriguez, Tim Thomas, and John Schmidt

Using Targets in Roboguide to Visualize Path Planning of a FANUC Robot
Ming Li

Engineering Graphics Concepts Used in Graphics-Based Off-line Robot Programming
Kevin L. Devine and Theodore J. Branoff

Digital Creations from an Engineering Class in Animation: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
D.K. Lieu