70th Midyear Meeting Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

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70th Midyear Meeting Proceedings
January 24-26, 2016
Daytona Beach, Florida


Media/Poster Showcase

Lamethrower Tactical Fire Extinguisher
Yunxiao Liu

A Mechanical Model for Hip Reduction via Pavlik Harness in Newborns
Christian Llanes , Cody Abendschein & Muhammad Memon

Project Beach Funk
Alexis Bertholf & McKenna James

ASCE Concrete Canoe Design and Construction
Matthew Gallup, Stephanie Cleary, Mohammad Qahwaji, Nadia Correa, Liam Goodall & James Staite

Redesigning the Razor Scooter
Sky Comarsh White, Tucker Hawkinson, Kaijus Palm & Ambrose Contreras

The Re-designed Lego
Renee Spear, Connor Powers, Derek Wood & Abhi Harrish

Enhancing the Novice Optical Telescope
Alexis Bertholf & McKenna James

Mock Flow Loop (MFL) For Self-Powered Fontan Circulation
Shanice Jones, Kristin Sverrisdottir, Arka Das & Gabriela Espinoza


Investigating and Assessing Performance

A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Mathematics Achievement on Spatial Visualization Ability in Engineering Technology Education Psychometric Properties of the PSVTR Outcome Measure A Preliminary Study of Introductory Engineering Design Graphics
Jeremy Ernst, Thomas Williams, Aaron Clark & Daniel Kelly

Development of CAD-Related Items for a Concept Inventory for Engineering Graphics
Steven Nozaki, Sheryl Sorby, Heidi Steinhauer, Nancy Study, Mary Sadowski & Ron Miller

Development of Spatial Visualization Skills in 2D and 3D Offerings Measured via Different Tests
Thomas Delahunty, Sheryl Sorby, Niall Seery & Lance Pérez



Work-in-Progress Introduction for Flipping the Classroom Techniques to Improve Instruction of Software-Specific Techniques andMethods
Leonardo Bueno

Enhancing Engineering Students Communication Skills through a Team-Based Graphics Course Project
Leroy Long III & Kari Jordan

Flipping the Classroom to Engage Students in a Graphical Communications Course
Lulu Sun


Visuospatial Skills

Comparison of Spatial Visualization Skills in Courses with Either Graphics or Solid Modeling Content
Jorge Rodriguez & Luis Rodriguez

Application of Color on 3D Dynamic Visualizations for Engineering Technology Students and Effects on Spatial Visualization Ability A Quasi-Experimental Study
Petros Katsioloudis, Vuckica Jovanovic & Mildred Jones

3D Spatial Visualization Instruction within an Introductory Constraint-Based CAD Modeling Course
Theodore Branoff, Josh Brown & Kevin Devine

Visualizing Success Investigating the Relationship between Ability and Self-Efficacy in the Domain of Visual Processing
Jason Power, Jeffrey Buckley & Niall Seery


Emerging Techniques and Technologies

Bridging the Divide Between Users and 3D Printers
Ranjeet Agarwala & Robert Chin

Components of Product Lifecycle Management and Their Application within Academia and Product Centric Manufacturing Enterprises
Neil Littell

Visual Analytics of High-dimensional Data Sets A Hyperspectral Imagery Test Case
Forrest Gasdia, Benedict Pineyro & Hyun Jung Cho

Direct Modeling Easy Changes in CAD
Holly Ault & Arnold Phillips


Emerging Techniques and Technologies

An Analysis of Engineering Design Graphics Journal Articles – Volumes 67-78
Cole Berglind & Kevin Devine

Visualizing Success Investigating the Relationship between Ability and Self-Efficacy in the Domain of Visual Processing
Gavin Duffy, Sheryl Sorby & Brian Bowe

Framing Spatial Cognition Establishing a Research Agenda
Jeffrey Buckley & Niall Seery