68th Midyear Meeting Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

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68th Midyear Meeting Proceedings
October 20-22, 2013
Worcester, Massachusetts
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Spatial Visualization

Spatial Test Correlation in an Introductory Graphic Communications Course
Walter F. Kelly, Aaron C. Clark and Theodore J. Branoff, North Carolina State University

Spatial Visualization Ability and Students’ Ability to Model Objects from Engineering Assembly Drawing Information
Theodore J. Branoff, North Carolina State University, and Modris Dobelis, Riga Technical University

Impact of Spatial Training on “Non-rotators”
Norma L. Veurink and A.J. Hamlin, Michigan Technological University, Sheryl A. Sorby, The Ohio State University

Developing Spatial Skills Among Middle School Students
Sheryl A. Sorby, The Ohio State University, Margaret L. Signorella, The Pennsylvania State University, Norma L. Veurink, Michigan Technological University, and Lynn S. Liben, The Pennsylvania State University


Modeling Strategies and Design Intent

Using Think-Aloud Exercises to Reveal Students’ Solid Modeling Strategies
Jonathan Leith and Holly K. Ault, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Conceptualization in Visuospatial Reasoning Tasks: A Research Direction
Thomas Delahunty, Dr. Niall Seery, and Dr. Raymond Lynch, University of Limerick

Improved Visualization through Association – Connecting Engineering Graphics to Animations and Engineering Simulations
David Planchard, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Assessment Techniques

Capturing Graphical capability through Ipsative enquiry using Adaptive Comparative Judgement
Dr. Niall Seery and Thomas Delahunty, University of Limerick

A Preliminary Scheme for Automated Grading and Instantaneous Feedback of 3D Solid Models
Steven J. Kirstukas, Central Connecticut State University

Assessing Design Intent in an Introductory-Level Engineering Graphics Course
Kevin L. Devine and Mark A. Laingen, Illinois State University

Consensual Assessment: A Means of Creativity Evaluation for Engineering Graphics Education
Jennifer K. Buelin-Biesecker and Cameron D. Denson, North Carolina State University


Graphic Course Content

Preparing Freshmen Engineering Students for the Web of Graphics: Three Taxonomies
Ronald E. Barr, University of Texas at Austin

Update on a Delphi Study for Developing a Concept Inventory for Engineering Design Graphics
Mary A. Sadowski, Purdue University, and Sheryl A. Sorby, The Ohio State University

A Sophomore Proto-Simulation Course
Zahra Shahbazi and Graham Walker, Manhattan College

Introducing Design Revision into a Freshman Level Engineering Graphics Course
Nancy E. Study and Edward R. Evans, Jr., Penn State Erie – The Behrend College


Graphics Methods and Issues

A PLM Certificate Program Update: Teaching PLM Online Using VMs in the Cloud
Amy B. Mueller, Purdue University

Management Preparation of Design Technologists
Robert A. Chin, East Carolina University


Media Showcase Session

Using Multi-media Online Learning Tools to Supplement the Classroom Instruction
Lulu Sun and Heidi M. Steinhauer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Drafting Project with Design Intent to Improve the Application of Dimensioning Specifications
Leonardo Bueno, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University