66th Midyear Meeting Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

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66th Midyear Meeting Proceedings
January 22-24, 2012
Galveston, TX
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The Web as a Resource

Developing 3D Modeling Courses for Online Teaching: Instructional Technologies to Consider
Kathleen Mapson, Aaron Clark, North Carolina State University and Jeremy Ernst, Virginia Tech

Online Delivery of Technical Graphics Courses
Jon Duff, Purdue University

Using Online Catalog Part Files in Graphics and Design Courses
Holly Ault, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Tim Thomas, PARTsolutions LLC

A Study to Examine the Role of Print, Web, and Social Media for Recruiting Students
Mary Sadowski and Judy Birchman, Purdue University

Visualization & Perception

Engineering Graphics Literacy: Measuring Students’ Ability to Model Objects from Assembly Drawing Information
Ted Branoff, North Carolina State University and Modris Dobelis, Riga Technical University

2D Traditional Techniques with 3D Graphics Visualization
James Wronecki, East Tennessee State University

Spatial Visualization of Geons through the Modification of the Purdue Visualization of Rotations Test (ROT)
Nathan Bench and Pat Connolly, Purdue University

The Effectiveness of Real & Augmented Models to Advance the Spatial Abilities of Visual/Haptic Engineering Students
Katie Huffman and Craig Miller, Purdue University

The Intermediate Role of the Visuo-Spatial Sketchpad in Developing Sketching Expertise
Diarmaid Lane, Niall Seery and Seamus Gordon, University of Limerick

Outcomes and Assessment

An Overview of Tests of Cognitive Spatial Ability
Nancy Study, Virginia State University

Using First Year Engineering Graphics Course for Student Outcomes and Assessment
George Agoki and Boon-Chai Ng, Andrews University

Engineering Graphics Educational Outcomes for the Global Engineer
Ronald Barr, University of Texas at Austin

A Delphi Study as a First Step in Developing a Concept Inventory for Engineering Graphics.
Mary Sadowski, Purdue University and Sheryl Sorby, The Ohio State University

Graphics Education

Implementing Reverse Engineering Methodology into First Year Engineering Curricula from a Student Perspective
Trevor Wanamaker and Craig Miller, Purdue University

Open-ended Project Learning Experience in Graphical Communication
Lulu Sun and Christopher Grant, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Dimensional Tolerances: Back to the Basics
Kevin Devine, Illinois State University

Factors Facilitating the Need for a Visual Graphics Animation Baccalaureate Degree at a Mid-South University
Argie Nichols and Georgia Hale, University of Arkansas – Fort Smith

Graphics Methods and Issues

Examining Active Learning: Review and Current Thinking
Alice Scales and Terri Varnado, North Carolina State University

Graphics Education Needed for Upper Division Courses in Mechanical Engineering Design
Boon-Chai Ng and George Agoki, Andrews University

Virtual Reality Learning Effects in College and Training Environments
Argie Nichols, Bobby Jones, Jr., University of Arkansas – Fort Smith and Debra Steele, Oklahoma State University

Media Showcase Session

Toward Defining Engineering Design Graphics Journal Goals
Robert Chin, East Carolina University

Augmented Cinematography: A Look at the Use of Augmented Reality in Film Production
Thomas Haley-Hermiz, Patrick Connolly, Adam Gasper, Vincent Scalone, Nick Sceusa, and Chris Staehler, Purdue University