59th Midyear Meeting Proceedings





From the Editors & Contents

“Assessing Learning Styles” M. A. Sadowski


“Using Virtual Reality Tools in Design and Technical Graphics Curricula:

An Experience in Learning” S. Smith, K. Taylor, T. Green, N. Peterson & C. Garrety


“A Comparison of Learning Style Models and Assessment Instruments for

University Graphics Educators” L. V. Harris, M. A. Sadowski & J. A. Birchman


“Assessment of a “New and Improved” Course for Developing 3-D Spatial Skills” S. A. Sorby


“Implementation of a Three-Semester Concurrent Engineering Design Sequence for

Lower-Division Engineering Students” N. Bertozzi, C. Hebert, J. Rought & C. Staniunas


“Implementing a Real World Project into a Senior Level Architectural Drafting Course” N. E. Study


“Integrating Computer Aided Design with Technical

Communications in a Freshman Engineering Program” D. H. Baxter


“The Role of Engineers in the Creation of Engineering

Drawings-Past, Present and Future” M. H. Castro-Cedeno


“Playing Catch-up: The Conversion of an “Old”

Engineering Graphics Program to Meet 21st Century Demands” D. S. Kelley


“A Study of Current Trends and Issues for Graphics Education:

Preliminary Results from a Five-Year Follow-up Survey” A. Clark, J. H. Petlick & A. Y. Scales


“Enhancing Visualization Skills in Freshman Engineering Students” E. Esparragoza


“Continuing Evolution of a Web-based Engineering Graphics Tutorial:

Interactive Input and Response” P. E. Connolly & K. R Maicher


“Engineering Design Graphics Across the Atlantic –

An Experience Using Asynchronous and Synchronous Technology” S. K. Howell


“Development of a Multimedia Learning Tool for a Computer Aided Design Course” D. B. Wittenborn


“Using 3D Modeling Tools and Applications to Create a

Virtual Teaching Collection of Archaic Pottery Shards” F. K. Brattain


“Putting into Practice – Surface Modeling Exercise Using Kayak Project: 

An Experiment with Advanced CATIA Course” E. Leonhardt & V. O’Charoen


“Proposing Study: Methodology for Evaluating & Selecting Constraint Based Modeling

Software for Engineering Design Graphics Courses” V. O’Charoen, E. K. McKell & R. A. Raudebaugh


“Implementing Surface Modeling into Engineering Design Graphics

Curricula: Is There Room for More Than Just Solids?” N. W. Hartman


“Over-Constrained, Under-Constrained or Just Right? 

Goldilocks Evaluates DOF of Sketched Profiles” H. K. Ault


“Constraint-Based Modeling in the Engineering Graphics Curriculum: 

Laboratory Activities and Evaluation Strategies” T. J. Branoff


“Industrial Factors in the Development of 3D Graphics-Based Engineering

Documentation and Estimated Timeline for Widespread Adoption” S. J. Schoonmaker


“Solid Models, Virtual Inspection and the Position Tolerance” E. R. Evans, Jr


“Producing a Drawing to an Accepted Standard Using a

Parametric Solid Modelling Programme” D. R. Hamilton & G. E. Werner


“Data Driven Technical Publications:

What Students Learn From Product Modeling and XML Documents” J. Duff


“CAD/FEA Integration BEST PRACTICES” J. S. Chabura, J. M. Leake & W. B. Hall


“Orbiter/External Tank Mate 3-D Solid Modeling” G. S. Godfrey, B. Brandt, D. Rorden & F. Kapr


“Digital Restoration of Historic Documents” L. D. Goss


“Using AutoCAD for a Lesson in Measurement Precision” J. B. Connor & S. C. York


“A Design Analysis Module Using COSMOSWorks” T. J. Krueger & R. E. Barr


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