The Media Showcase Award

Given By: The Engineering Design Graphics Division
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The Media Showcase Award was established to encourage the highest level of professionalism in media presentations at the Engineering Design Graphics Division Midyear Meeting.


  1. Anyone making a presentation at the Midyear meeting in the Media Showcase session is eligible for this award.
  2. This award is given annually.


The Program Chair of the Midyear Meeting, in consultation with the Division Chair, will identify three Division members whose experience will allow them to fairly evaluate the effectiveness of the media presentations. They will serve as the Board of Review for this award. These three will not be making media presentations at the meeting at which they serve on the Board of Review.

The Program Chair will supply each reviewer with appropriate forms on which to grade or rank the presenters.

The current Chair of the Awards Committee will collect all rating forms at the conclusion of the meeting, compile the results, and inform the Division Chair of the recipient before the Awards Banquet.


The award will be a framed citation and cash award. The Chair will announce the recipient at the Awards Banquet at the conclusion of the Midyear Meeting. Additionally, formal notification will be published in the Engineering Design Graphics Journal.