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The Engineering Design Graphics Division (EDGD) was founded in 1928 and is the oldest division within The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). Membership in EDGD is drawn from engineering - technical universities and community/junior colleges throughout this country and from abroad.

Our Division promotes teaching, research, discussion, and communication of engineering design graphics. This is accomplished through conferences, short courses, and the Engineering Design Graphics Journal, published three times a year by the Division.  Learn more


ASEE EDGD 73rd Midyear Conference ·January, 2019, Berkeley
Conference site: https://sites.asee.org/edgd/73midyear/
Site Chair - Dennis Lieu
Program Co-Chairs - Daniel Kelly and Thomas Delahunty

EDGD YouTube Video - Why you should join the Engineering Design Graphics Division

Check out the new resource: animation projects from University of California, Berkeley

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