65th Midyear Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

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65th Midyear Meeting Proceedings
October 3-6, 2010
Houghton, MI

– Conference Program (PDF, 26K)

Applications in Solid Modeling

The Wireframe Model – Showing 3D Structure with Open Space
Andrew C. Kellie, Murray State University

Relational Geometry in Surface-driven Modeling
Patrick Connolly, Craig Miller, Paul Frische-Mouri, Mark Garety, Cameron Isolampi, and Thomas VanNortwick, Purdue University

Implementing Ontology-based Information Sharing in Product Lifecycle Management
Dillon McKenzie Veal, Nathan W. Hartman, and John Springer, Purdue University

Curricular and Pedagogical Approaches

Pedagogical Challenges Facing Design and Communication Graphics
Niall Seery, Diarmaid Lane, and Donal Canty, University of Limerick

*The Engineer: A Tree or a Product?* DEED invited paper
Andrew Trivett, University of Prince Edward Island

* First-Year and Capstone Design Projects: Is the Bookend Curriculum Approach Effective for Skill Gain?* DEED invited paper
Daria Kotys-Schwartz, Daniel Knight, Gary Pawlas, University of Colorado, Boulder

Understanding How Students in a Face-to-Face Engineering Graphics Course Utilize Online Instructional Resources
Theodore Branoff and Alice Scales, North Carolina State University

3-D Applications

* Maximizing the Impact of Creative and Innovative Activities within the Constraints of Defined Education Structures* DEED invited paper
Niall Seery, Donal Canty, and Ronan Dunbar, University of Limerick

Extending the Concurrent Engineering Design Graphics Paradigm to 3D Scanning
Thomas Krueger and Kendall Berns, University of Texas at Austin

Modifying a Pumping System in a First-Year Engineering Design Project
Amber Kemppainen, Namrata Jeason, Gretchen Hein, Michigan Tech

Augmented Reality Effectiveness in Advertising
P. Connolly, C. Chambers, E. Eagleson, D. Matthews, and T. Rogers, Purdue University

Improving STEM Diversity and Student Success

*High School Enterprise: Introducing Engineering Design in a High School Team Environment* DEED invited paper
Doug Oppliger and Jean Kampe, Michigan Tech

Long-term Impact of Improving Visualization Abilities of Minority Engineering and Technology Students: Preliminary Results
Nancy Study, Virginia State University

Longitudinal Analysis of Spatial Skills Training in Engineering Graphics
Dawn Blasko and Kathy Holliday-Darr, Penn State Erie, the Behrend College

Long-term Results from Spatial Skills Intervention among First-year Engineering Students
Sheryl Sorby and Norma Veurink, Michigan Tech

Graphics on the Horizon

 Innovative Conceptual Engineering Design – A Template to Teach Innovative Problem Solving of Complex Multidisciplinary Design Problems* DEED invited paper
Charles Camarda, NRY-Poly, Sven Bilen, Pennsylvania State University, and Olivier de Weck, MIT

Using Solid Modeling in High School Mathematics Instruction: A Professional Development Partnership
Kevin Devine, Chris Merrill, Josh Brown, and Ryan Brown, Illinois State University

Promoting Creative Discovery and Mental Synthesis through Freehand Sketching
Diarmaid Lane, Niall Seery, and Seamus Gordon, University of Limerick

Media Showcase Session

Getting Started Publishing in the Online EDGJ (Media Showcase Poster)
Robert Chin, Kathy Holliday-Darr, and Nancy Study, East Carolina University, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, Virginia State University

Development of EDGD Website Automated Learning and Assessment Resources (Media Showcase Poster)
A. Varricchio, M. Kelly, J. Donovan, J. O’Donnell, R. Kettner-Polley, J. Smith, N. Bertozzi (Daniel Webster College), Ted Branoff (North Carolina State University), and Marie Planchard (Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, Corp.)